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The numbers don't lie...

The Oil made it to the dance! The first two games will be played in the slush they call ice in Dallas, but watch for the Oilers to pick it up on Sunday when they hit the ice at Skyreach Center. My prediction is an Oil win in game 1, Dallas in 2, Oilers in 3 and 4, Dallas takes 5, and the Oilers clinch the series on home ice in game 6!

The Oil need to come out skating tonight. The boys have a game plan, and all they have to do to win is stick to that game plan. Skate, hit and be smart. Don't let Dallas lull you into thier trapping type of game. Keep your speed up and got get em!!


April 11, @ Dal 6PM MST on CBC L 2-1
April 14, @ Dal 2PM MST on CBC W 4-3
April 15, @ Edm vs Dal 6PM MST on CBC L 3-2
April 17, @ Edm vs Dal 7PM MST on CBC W 2-1
April 19, @ Dal 6PM MST on CBC
April 21, @ Edm vs Dal 5PM MST on CBC
April 23, @ Dal 5PM MST on CBC (if needed)
*all dates and times subject to change*


2000/2001 regular season
2000/2001 playoffs
vs. Dallas